I try to translate some words that she said but refer to me if my english is so bad that you don't understant nothing...

" In my books, I speak about reality. And reality is nourished of cruelty "

" the writing, it is the continuation of childhood by other means "

" Handicapped by a too happy childhood, I am subscribed with nostalgia "

" the morning, just as the cows test the need to be milked, I test the need to write, if not that is very badly "

" I think that everyone has an enemy inside oneself. Mine is particularly enormous. It is not for only there are no badly obese in my novels "

" I write each day during four hours at least "

" I always maintained my memory in awakening, like a means of survival "

" I am systematically nonsystematic "

" There was a certain evolution in my set of themes, since my very first novel tells the history of a space omelette "

" What remained to me the most of Asia, it is that that is not used for nothing to fight against the evil, that it is there and that one wastes his time to try to destroy it and for this reason it is necessary to try to use it "

" My cap? It is a lightning conductor ! "

" If one prevented to me from writing, I would become a serial killer which did not kill yet "

" Child, I wanted to become God. Then, I wanted to be martyrdom "

" To love somebody, it is to agree to not understand it... "

" I think that the victims are torturers in power "